Fragrant Orchids of Maui

living with the fresh fragrance of paradise

Orchid Care

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Cattleya Orchid
Paphiopedilum Orchid
Vanilla Orchid
Vanilla Orchid
Dendribium Orchid
Gramm Orchid
Fragrant Hono Hono

It's all about the roots...

Roots 2
Roots with dead tips will continue to breathe air and nurture the plant, unless the watering is nil, which will cause most orchid roots to dry up completely and die.
Vanda Gordon Dillon
Thai vanda with large green root tips. This means the roots continue to be growing longer. When water conditions fluctuate, the tips will turn brown and stop growing.
Root system
Healthy roots are the key to healthy orchids. We take pride in pampering the roots of orchids, and like in the wild of nature, roots are everywhere to be seen.