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What do Fragrant Orchids of Maui customers say?

Fragrant Orchids of Maui was founded by serial entrepreneur Lloyd Fischel and retail marketing professional Karen Klemme. The State of Hawaii bestowed its Heroes of Agriculture Award in 2010 for leadership in education about sustaining the people and the land, protecting the a’ina. 

Lloyd as the founding president of the Farmers Union (2010) has dedicated himself to the future. 

This Grammatophyllum speciosum is one of the largest orchids in the world.

Hi Lloyd, Karen!
I love my orchid! It is the most delicate, gorgeous little entity… thank you so much! Cary and l and Cary’s 8 new members are enjoying it since it found its way directly to the altar and the kids have a toso here on Tuesday nights. We appreciate it, thank you, thank you. And whoever gets the moola first buys the tickets!

Much love,
Testimonial Betty Jeanne Faleon

Dear Lloyd
I just wanted to thank you for the orchid tour when we were in Maui. I learned so much and was so impressed with your little piece of paradise. My orchids survived the trip back to Wisconsin and didn’t even have a broken leaf! They are in my window and are doing great. I’m sure they were a little shocked as it was -0F to -5F here this week.
Thanks for the tour and the tips. I am telling all my friends about your place.

I am enjoying your website,
Betsy Salzman
Testimonial 5

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I want to reiterate our complete satisfaction with the orchids that we have received from Fragrant Orchids of Maui. We are the envy of the neighborhood!! :o)

William J. Logan
Spokane, WA
Testimonial Aike

Dear Lloyd and Karen,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful tour and information you gave us today. Every bit of information helps to raise our awareness and we are so grateful! Your greenhouse is AWESOME and you should feel so proud!!!!!

Sandy Nesting-Hayes
Redding, CA.

Hi Lloyd
Yes! The orchids arrived in superb shape! Our friend Sylvia had them in full beauty for the after-service reception of the memorial service for her husband. She absolutely loves them, and so does everyone else! Thanks for doing such a great job for us… we really loved coming up there to pick our own. Perhaps when Sylvia comes to visit we could bring her up there to see all your fabulous orchids?

Thanks for All!
testimonial Marilyn and Zach Morfogen

I want to say thank you for sending the replacement orchid for the one that “committed suicide” shortly after we received it here in Florida. The replacement is absolutely gorgeous and is still blooming. My mother loves it. Again, Thank you. When we next come to Hawaii l would love to visit your facility again.

Donna Marquart

Dear “Fragrant Orchids of Maui”,
I received two beautiful Noble Dendrobium orchids as promised for Valentine’s Day, even though we had our second major snowstorm/blizzard in New Jersey in one week. My wife was knocking ice cycles off the front porch when the FedEx man arrived. Ironically, one of the orchids was Sea Mary “Snow King” and because I am handicapped my wife has to handle the snow, Thank you so very much for the fine service and fine quality orchids. We’ve had Hawaiian orchids for over 15 years and these are several of most beautiful, and economically priced I might add. Also, the “Snow King” had a total of 25 buds/blooms which is by far the most ever. I will be back for more!

Charles Gaskill
Vineland, New Jersey

You can’t go wrong with Karen’s method of packing. The plants are always delivered in 100% fantastic condition.

Ron Makioshi,
Star Market Executive

Dear Sir/Madame,
I just wanted to thank you. I had ordered two orchids for Christmas for my wife. They arrived in great condition during Christmas week as I had requested and were beautiful! She was very happy. I will definitely use your service in the future for any orchid purchases. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Kevin Rapczynski
testimonial - Faye Shrode